Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty shall be charged at rates published in the Gazette on every specified instrument,Executed, Drawn or Presented in Sri Lanka Executed outside Sri Lanka being an instrument which relates to property situated in Sri Lanka at the time such instrument was presented in Sri Lanka.

With effect from 1st January 2016

– Stamp Duty of 1.5% (every Rs. 1000 or part thereof Rs 15/-) levied on Credit Card usage will be removed with regards to local usage of credit cards.

– Stamp Duty on usage of credit card for foreign purchases increased to 2.5% ( on every Rs 1000 or part thereof Rs 25/-)

– Stamp Duty on Share Certificate is removed

Otherwise than in the case where there is an agreement to the contrary, stamp duty shall be payable as follows,

Specified Instrument Stamp Duty who should pay
An Affidavit Rs. 100.00 Person who draw the affidavit

Insurance Policy Rs. 0.50 for every Rs. 1,000.00 or part thereof Person effecting insurance

Warrant to act as a notary public Rs. 1,000.00 Person who Draws

License to carry out Trade, Business, Professional or Vocation other than any trade or business of sale of liquor, for any period specified in such license Rs. 1,000.00 or 10% of license fee whichever is less Person who issuing License

Any license issued authorizing the holder to carry on any trade or business for sale of liquor , for any period specified in such license Rs. 10,000 Person who issuing License

On Credit Cards Rs. 10.00 for every Rs. 1000.00 or Part thereof Credit card holder

Share Certificates
(new, additional issue or transfer) Rs. 5.00 for every Rs. 1000.00 (on market value of shares)by the transferee or assignee

Bond or Mortgage affecting any Property Rs. 1.00 for every Rs. 1000.00 or part thereof Person, who draw Bond, mortgage

Promissory Note Rs. 1.00 for every Rs. 1000.00 Or part thereof Person who draw the P. Note

Lease, hire, Rent of any property Rs. 10.00 on every part of Rs. 1,000.00 By the Lessee

Receipt or discharge given for any money or other property, Salaries Upto and including Rs. 25.000 – Nil

Above Rs. 25,000 25/= Person who draw the Receipt

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