Nation Building Tax (NBT)

Nation Building Tax (NBT) [Amendments to NBT Act No.9 of 2009]

 The following exemptions will be removed:

– any goods required for the purpose of providing of services of international transportation, being goods consigned to Sri Lankan Air Lines Ltd, Mihin Lanka (Pvt) Ltd or Air Lanka Catering Services Ltd.

– any article imported or sold by any society registered under Co- operative Societies Act, No. 5 of 1972 or under the respective statutes enacted by the Provincial Councils providing for such registration or Lak Sathosa Limited registered under the Companies Act, No. 7 of 2007.

– the services of a travel agent in respect of inbound tours, if such person is registered with the Ceylon Tourist Board.

– services being construction services including the services of sub-contractors.

– sale of residential apartments.

– services provided by any society registered under the Co-operative Societies Law No. 5 of 1972 or under any Statute enacted by a Provincial Council, or Lak Sathosa Limited, registered under the Companies Act, No. 7 of 2007.


The following will be exempted:

– International telecommunication services provided to local operators by External Gateway Operators.

– printed books, magazines, journals or periodicals other than newspapers, identified under HS Code Nos 4901.10, 4901.91, 4901.99, 4901.99.10, 4902.10.10, 4902.90.10.

– Solar panel modules and accessories under the following HS Code Nos. 8454.10, 8501.31.10, 8513.10.10, 8539.31.20, 8541.40, 9032.89.10, 9405.10.10, 9405.10.20, 9405.20.10, 9405.20.20, 9405.40.30, 9405.40.40


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