Other Fees and Levies

Charge for Court Cases/ Case Filing Fee

High volume of cases pending before the Courts is an overriding problem in the entire court system. Excessive caseloads cause delays in processing cases and deny the justice. And it causes a heavy burden to the government.

Charge a filling fee when filling a Court case by any person in any Court.


Increasing fines charged on traffic offences

Proposed to increase fines charged on traffic offences and to increase the minimum fine to Rs. 2,500.

To address the overload of cases in the Magistrate Courts, proposed to amend the Motor Traffic Law to impose spot fine on offences which are currently be fined only by Courts. A system will be introduced for the errant motorists to pay their traffic fines through mobile phones.


Visa fees will also be revised.


Teledrama Levy (TL)

Teledrama Levy applicable on the foreign tele drama dubbed in Sinhala, Tamil or any other language will be increased.


Beedi Leaves Import license

Proposed to issue licenses to import beedi leaves by charging an annual license fee of Rs. 5 million.


Import License Fees

mport licenses will be issued at a fee to import lubricant, bitumen and gold


Annual License Fees on Firearms

Annual License Fee of Rs. 20,000 will be imposed on firearms. Firearms which are used for agricultural purposes are excluded from this fee. Any person who uses firearms without obtaining or renewing such license paying the fee will be liable for Rs. 5 million penalty.


Tax on Import of Books

Books, magazines and journals other than exercise books will be exempted on PAL, NBT and VAT.


Lubricant Business Registration Fee

Bi-annual registration fee payable on lubricant agreements by the lubricant businesses will be revised to Rs. 2.5 million or 0.75 percent of total invoiced sales whichever is higher with effect from 1st January 2017. Proposed to remove the presently applicable upper ceiling

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