Taxes on Liquor

  • The fool proof sticker system announced in the last Budget will be introduced soon with the view of controlling the illicit liquor circulation in the country and to control the leakages. The bidding process is completed and sticker system will be implemented in 2017.


  • Proposed to reduce the evaporation allowance of ethanol for the production of liquor from 1.5 percent to 0.15 percent. The evaporation in storage and transport is reduced due to technological enhancement and this percentage has not been revised for nearly ten years.


  • Proposed to introduce Excise Duty on the quantum of raw materials used for producing ethanol. This would help reconciling the actual amount of production of ethanol.


  • To provide a better price for locally manufactured spirits, Duty on imported ethanol will be upwardly revised and proposed to introduce Excise Duty of Rs. 25 per liter for imported non-potable liquor for giving further assistance to local manufacturers.


  • Excise (Special Provisions) Duty will be introduced on the importation of beer can at the rate of Rs.10 per can of not more than 325 millilitre and Rs. 15 per can of more than 325 millilitre.

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