Telecommunication Levy

  • Telecommunication Levy on internet services will be increased to 25 percent par with the other Telecommunication services.


  • In support of the country‟s digitalization process, all mobile telephone operators will be given a 6 months period to convert their infrastructure to provide at least 3G coverage. Any operator who failed to implement within this period will be liable for a surcharge of Rs.100 million per District. All metro areas are required to be converted to 4G by 30th June 2018.


  • SIM Card Activation Levy (SCAL) of Rs. 200 per SIM to be charged to discourage the use of mobile connections temporary for fraudulent and criminal activities.


  • Increase the Annual Spectrum Licensee Fee by 25 percent, with effect from January 1, 2017.


  • The services provided by the external gateway operators to local operators will be exempted from VAT and NBT.

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