Excise (Special Provisions) Duty

(1) Excise Duty on cigarettes will be increased by 12%

(2) The exempt quantum of sugar contained in beverages will be revised

(3) Excise Duty on palm oil fatty acids will be revised

(4) Excise Duty on refrigerators will be revised to 25%

(5) Excise Duty on vehicles imported as Chassis fitted with engines will be reduced

(6) Motor vehicles

i. Excise Duty on hearses will be revised.

ii. Excise Duty on the hybrid and electric vans will be revised to reflect the energy efficiency benefits.

iii. Excise Duty on the Single cabs will be revised.

iv. Excise Duty on Buddy Trucks with cargo carrying capacity less than 2,000 kg will be reduced.

v. Excise Duty  on passenger vehicles revised

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