Invest in Sri Lanka

The viable areas of investment include,


Tourism, Recreation, Leisure
Infrastructure Development
Information Technology
Stock Exchange
Oil Exploration
IT and BPO
Shipping, Cargo, Logistic
Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
Gems and Jewellery
Ceramic Industry
Rubber, Coir, Industry
Textile, Garments, Fashion
Electronic etc.


Being located in a strategically advantageous geographical location, Sri Lanka has a huge potential to become a maritime, aviation, energy, knowledge and commercial regional hub, to integrate the domestic economy with the international markets, capitalizing the human as well as natural resources of the country.


Registration Requirements
Business may register under following Acts and Regulations in Sri Lanka.
(i) Board of Investment Act – B. O. I or
(ii) Strategic Development Projects Act No. 14 of 2008 or
(iii) Exchange Control Act and (iv) Companies Act No. 7 of 2007 and
(v) Department of Inland Revenue and (vi) Any other Department, if required


Tax Benefits
To enjoy tax benefits you may register your business as a BOI Company, Project under Strategic project Act or you may consider available income tax exemptions under Inland Revenue Act No. 10 of 2006 and amendments thereto before registration or incorporation of a Company in Sri Lanka. Further, reduce tax rates are given under the Inland Revenue Act base on different business sectors as well.


Tax Proposals and Investment Advises
We, being professional tax consultants’ advice availability of tax exemptions, reduce tax rates or liabilities of taxes in Sri Lanka before invest in any business in Sri Lanka. Our professional Tax Service may save your investments and we submit Tax Proposals with latest changes in Tax laws covering all the taxes in Sri Lanka for different type of business which will helpful to update your knowledge about type of taxes applicable in Sri Lanka and eventually avoid unnecessary payment taxes, Penalty or Surcharges. You may contact us for Tax Proposals, Tax Advices and Investment advices and email your requirement to