” Four years back, the directors of Sanmali Beach Hotel appointed D.P.R. Consultants to perform accounting and auditing services of our hotel. Furthermore, we requested them to provide consultation services on tax matters.

I am happy to state that they have done an excellent and a thorough job. We have benefitted from an outstanding, transparent and easily accessible web- based accounting system.

The performance of D.P.R. consultants has exceeded our expectations and we are more than happy to recommend their wonderful professional services to any individual or establishment. ”

Dr. Neville Fernando,
Chairman, Sanmali Beach Hotel
Sri Lanka.

” Thank you so much for you insightful answers, they are invaluable for our assessment of Sri Lanka tax reforms. Your tax expertise is an invaluable to us in understanding tax regulations in Sri Lanka. ”

Roman Kononenko,
Doing Business Unit | Paying Taxes Indicator,
The World Bank / IFC,
D.C. 20433.

” DPR team were very punctual and reliable from the start to end. They kindly consulted and supported us in our operation in Sri Lanka as we were new to this country and not custom to its business culture. Overall, we were satisfied with their service its cost effectiveness. ”

Ador Bitaraf,
Broom Lanka (Pvt) Limited,

” Your sound advice always help me to make my decision regarding tax/ investment in Sri Lanka. I will continue to use your service in future. Your new web page is impressive. ”


” As European investors, our success in Sri Lanka depends highly on a knowledgeable and reliable consultant because we are not familiar with the business procedures and culture of this country.

Not only does the DPR team always provide useful advice in financial and tax matters but it can also rely on a strong network of other service providers such as lawyers etc. so any administrative or legal uncertainty factor can be resolved quickly and efficiently. ”

Janine Schwindt,
Samsara (Private) Limited,

” As an European investor, I had to change twice to find the support I was looking for. DPR Consultants has the knowledge, skills and a high degree of responsibility that make me feel confident that not only my organisation will fulfil all legal and administrative requirements, but that everything will be done in the most cost-effective way. ”

Narcis C. Soldevila,
Putus Brothers Sustainable Developments (Pvt) Limited,